Hottest Trends of The School Year

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Top Fads of 2017-2018

Some already came and went, some may become classics. Let's Dab to that!

This was one of THE
Hottest Fads of 2018.

Can you guess what fad of 2017 - 2018 this dog is so excited about?


Latest Dance Craze

Following hot on the heels of last years dance craze "The Dab", a new dance craze has arrived. This is it. "The Floss".

This move has gone viral around the internet and the world and has become a "must do this while waiting in line" dance move across playgrounds in schools and supermarkets everywhere.

Meet Dancing "Backpack Kid"

Home Made Slime

Tweens made the hashtag #slime one of the most popular Instagram posts of 2018 with millions of posts and tons of youtube tutorials.

Here's a Slime Recipe

Unicorn Everything

in 2017, Starbucks introduced the color changing Frappacccino. From there Unicorn headbands, hair, T-shirts and became a "thing".

Make Your own Unicorn Frappaccino

Fidget Spinners

Kids loved fidget spinners. Parents and teachers, not so much.

Top 5 Easy Fidget Spinner Tricks

Stranger Things

Season 3 Details Revealed!

Millie Bobby Brown, one of the breakout stars of the Netflix orginal show, has reportedly gotten a huge raise of about 3 millions dollars for season 3.

TMZ reports that all the kids of the hit show have all recieved massive pay bumps up to $250,000 per episode.

Season 3 First Details Revealed!